Priority Life Care’s Along the Journey Program

Jan 18, 2024 | Alzheimer's & Dementia

The Along the Journey program was created by Priority Life Care with residents, their families, and caregivers in mind.

The services provided are adjusted to fit each individual’s abilities and specific needs. The program has been designed to benefit all stages of memory loss while remaining flexible enough to be adapted daily.

The overarching goal is to ensure that each resident, as well as their families, feel connected, respected, and comfortable during periods of difficult transition. The program primarily targets those suffering from memory impairments, whether it be early-stage dementia or late-stage Alzheimer’s.

What is the Along The Journey Program?

Along the Journey (ATJ) is a memory care program that launched in 2019 in Priority Life Care’s memory care neighborhoods. Fundamentally, it prioritizes strengths over limitations. Activities are purpose-driven and not based on achievement, thus allowing those with memory loss to participate without feeling lost, confused, and agitated.

This innovative program begins with a holistic assessment of the resident’s abilities, both cognitive and physical. Based on the assessment, a care plan is formulated and includes input from the resident and their family, as well as their physicians and caregivers.

The plan includes information on the likes, dislikes, and cultural preferences of the resident. To keep the seniors as comfortable as possible, the staff makes every effort to provide a largely predictable routine.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging in the Community

Those suffering from diseases that affect memory may feel left behind or forgotten. At Independence Court of Quakertown, caregivers work in conjunction with the ATJ program to encourage physical motion, stimulate mental engagement, and offer opportunities for spiritual and social connection.

Life stations provide a sense of familiarity for the resident through tasks such as folding clothes and operating a computer. This allows the senior to focus on a specific, low-stress task with an attainable outcome.

Social engagements such as trivia games and ice cream parties are scheduled, which allow residents the opportunity to become acquainted with other residents. The program celebrates small wins as significant achievements, allowing everyone the chance to be represented.

Activities are thoughtfully designed around reducing any agitation and improving the mood of the residents. Social interaction is encouraged to ward off isolation, which can further impair a resident’s wellness journey.

Supporting Those With Memory Impairments

Memory loss comes in stages and Independence Court of Quakertown recognizes the importance of providing a program suitable for each stage of this difficult journey. Through the integration of senior-friendly tech, residents across a spectrum of cognitive abilities are encouraged to participate in their care by engaging daily.

To ensure a successful transition into the residential community, our staff invites residents to bring familiar furnishings of home such as furniture, cherished items, and other domestic objects. This creates an inviting environment for the resident, which eases the initial discomfort of being in a new place.

Residents will enjoy a structured daily plan that focuses on wellness and supporting independence, all while ensuring dignity and respect. This environment allows those with memory impairments to maintain functional abilities for as long as possible while remaining comfortable along their journey.

Staff with specific dementia-centered training and experience support our residents with memory loss, including accommodations such as dietary oversight, assistance with medication, and general hygiene.




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Visited Independence Court as we are checking out places to possible take dad to....
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Visited Independence Court as we are checking out places to possible take dad to. The all seem very nice and the place looks very clean and the staff seem to enjoy what they are doing which I feel is very important. Definitely will bring dad up to see it’s well
After we realized that Gary's mom could no longer live by herself, the choice was ...
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After we realized that Gary's mom could no longer live by herself, the choice was pretty clear - she'd make Independence Court her home. Having had my mother live there over 5 years ago, we were very happy to see that the majority of the staff has remained the same. We couldn't be happier with the care and attention she gets.
My mom, aunt and uncle all live here. It has been a very good experience. ...
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My mom, aunt and uncle all live here. It has been a very good experience. The cost is reasonable and the staff that we have encountered are very friendly. Also, when we have needed assistance with the VA and other government forms, they have gone out of their way to help us with the paperwork. Thank you Suzanne for all of your help when we have questions or need assistance. There are plenty of activities to choose from including music programs, holiday events and church. They work hard to keep the building clean as well. The administrator, Ken, truly cares for the residents and his door is always open if you need him. We are very grateful that we found this place. By the way, their location is excellent for the hospital, doctors' offices, banks and the stores in Quakertown.
I cannot say enough good things about independence Court of Quakertown. Ron and Suzanne...
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I cannot say enough good things about independence Court of Quakertown. Ron and Suzanne were very welcoming and helpful at a time that was very stressful for me and my family. On the day we toured, Ron helped me navigate through a very difficult situation and couldn’t have been more be kind. The staff made sure that my mother felt welcomed and have continued to go above and beyond to make her feel at home.

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